List of power stations in North Macedonia

This page lists all power stations in the Republic of North Macedonia.


Station Town Coordinates Capacity (MW)
Tikveš Hydroelectric Power Station Drenovo 41°24′18″N 21°56′11″E / 41.40500°N 21.93639°E / 41.40500; 21.93639 (Tikveš Hydroelectric Power Station) 116
Vrutok Hydroelectric Power Station 245
Vrben Hydroelectric Power Station 12
Raven Hydroelectric Power Station 19
Kozjak Hydro Power Plant 41°52′49″N 21°11′30″E / 41.88028°N 21.19167°E / 41.88028; 21.19167 (Kozjak Hydro Power Plant) 80
Spilje Hydro Power Plant Debar 41°29′36″N 20°30′11″E / 41.49333°N 20.50306°E / 41.49333; 20.50306 (Spilje Hydro Power Plant) 84
Globočica Hydro Power Plant Struga 42
Sveta Petka Hydro Power Plant 41°55′26″N 21°15′50″E / 41.92389°N 21.26389°E / 41.92389; 21.26389 (Sveta Petka Hydro Power Plant) 36,4


Station Town Coordinates Capacity (MW)
Bogdanci Wind Park Bogdanci


Station Town Coordinates Capacity (MW) Fuel
REK Bitola Novaci 675 Coal
REK Oslomej Oslomej 125 Coal

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