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President of Georgetown University
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John J. DeGioia

since July 1, 2001
AppointerDirectors of Georgetown College
First holderRobert Plunkett

The President of Georgetown University is the chief executive officer of Georgetown University. He is ex officio one of the five members of the President and Directors of Georgetown College, the legal entity in which the university is incorporated.[1] The president is also a member ex officio of the university's board of directors, which is responsible under the university's bylaws for managing the "property and business" and other functions of the university. The president is one of four officers of the university explicitly created by the school's charter, alongside the provost, secretary, and treasurer; the holder of the office is elected by the board of directors and may be removed by a majority vote of the whole board.[2]

The president is charged with control over the "business affairs and properties" of the university, which include presiding over meetings of the corporation and appointing the provost, secretary, and treasurer of the university with the concurrence of the board, as well as other officers, vice presidents, and administrators. The president may remove any officer, vice president, or administrator by his accord, except the provost, secretary, and treasurer, which require the concurrence of the board. A voting member of the board of directors, the president is also an ex officio member of all of its standing committees. In the event that the office is vacant, the powers of the presidency are exercised by the provost.[2]


The founder of Georgetown University, John Carroll, never served as president.[3] Having established the school in 1789,[3] Carroll was unable to find someone willing to accept the job; he eventually persuaded Robert Plunkett to become the first president of Georgetown in 1791.[4] There have been forty-eight presidencies, occupied by forty-one distinct officeholders, as seven served two terms.[5] Forty-seven of those forty-eight occupants were Catholic priests, and the vast majority have been Jesuits. Until the 1960s, the president of the university was also the rector of the Jesuit community, meaning that the term of office was limited to six years.[6]

The first layman to hold the office is the current president, John J. DeGioia, who was also the first lay president of any Jesuit university.[7] Having assumed the office on July 1, 2001,[8] he is the longest holder of the presidency.[6]

The salary of the president is set by the board of directors. It has fluctuated over the years, and can vary considerably based on bonuses and benefits, which can include housing and retirement plans. As of 2012, the president's base salary was approximately $500,000. With extras, the effective salary can be twice this amount.[9]

List of presidents

The following people have served as President of Georgetown University:[10][11]

 Darker color indicates acting president.

* Asterisk indicates Georgetown University alumnus.[5]

No. Name Start End
1. Robert Plunkett, S.J. 1791 1793
2. Robert Molyneux, S.J. 1793 1796
3. Louis Guillaume Valentin DuBourg, S.S. 1796 1798
4. Leonard Neale, S.J. 1798 1806
5. Robert Molyneux, S.J. 1806 1808
Francis Neale, S.J. 1808 1809
6. William Matthews, S.J.* 1809 1809
7. Francis Neale, S.J. 1809 1812
8. Giovanni Antonio Grassi, S.J. 1812 1817
9. Benedict Joseph Fenwick, S.J.* 1817 1817
10. Anthony Kohlmann, S.J. 1817 1820
11. Enoch Fenwick, S.J. 1820 1825
Benedict Joseph Fenwick, S.J.* 1825 1825
12. Stephen Larigaudelle Dubuisson, S.J.* 1825 1826
13. William Feiner, S.J. 1826 1829
14. John W. Beschter, S.J. 1829 1829
15. Thomas F. Mulledy, S.J.* 1829 1838
16. William McSherry, S.J.* 1838 1839
Joseph A. Lopez, S.J. 1839 1840
17. James A. Ryder, S.J.* 1840 1845
18. Samuel Mulledy, S.J.* 1845 1845
19. Thomas F. Mulledy, S.J.* 1845 1848
20. James A. Ryder, S.J.* 1848 1851
21. Charles H. Stonestreet, S.J.* 1851 1852
22. Bernard A. Maguire, S.J.* 1852 1858
23. John Early, S.J.* 1858 1865
24. Bernard A. Maguire, S.J.* 1866 1870
25. John Early, S.J.* 1870 1873
26. Patrick Francis Healy, S.J. 1873 1882
27. James A. Doonan, S.J.* 1882 1888
28. J. Havens Richards, S.J. 1888 1898
29. John D. Whitney, S.J. 1898 1901
30. Jerome Daugherty, S.J. 1901 1905
31. David Hillhouse Buel, S.J. 1905 1908
32. Joseph J. Himmel, S.J. 1908 1912
33. Alphonsus J. Donlon, S.J.* 1912 1918
34. John B. Creeden, S.J. 1918 1924
35. Charles W. Lyons, S.J. 1924 1928
36. W. Coleman Nevils, S.J. 1928 1935
37. Arthur A. O'Leary, S.J. 1935 1942
38. Lawrence C. Gorman, S.J. 1942 1949
39. J. Hunter Guthrie, S.J. 1949 1952
40. Edward B. Bunn, S.J. 1952 1964
41. Gerard J. Campbell, S.J. 1964 1968
Edwin Quain, S.J. 1969 1969
42. Robert J. Henle, S.J. 1969 1976
43. Timothy S. Healy, S.J. 1976 1989
44. Leo J. O'Donovan, S.J.* 1989 2001
45. John J. DeGioia* 2001 present


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