List of the vascular plants of Britain and Ireland

This is the parent page for the list of vascular plants of Britain and Ireland. Because of the size of the list, it is spread across multiple pages.

Part 1 covers ferns and allies (Lycopodiopsida, Equisetopsida and Pteridopsida)

Part 2 covers the conifers (Pinopsida)

The remaining parts cover the flowering plants (Magnoliopsida):

The list gives an English name and a scientific name for each species, and two symbols are used to indicate status (e for extinct species, and * for introduced species).

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Lists of the plant species found in Ireland can be found at Irish Species Register The lists on this site are based on these "Key references"

  • Scannell, M.J.P. & Synnott, D.M. (1987). Census catalogue of the flora of Ireland. A list of Pteridophyta, Gymnospermae and Angiospermae including all the native plants and established aliens known to occur in Ireland with the distribution of each species, and recommended Irish and English names. pp. [i]-xxvii, 1-171, map. Dublin: Stationery Office.
  • Reynolds, S.C.P. (2002). A catalogue of alien plants in Ireland. pp. [4], 1-413. Dublin: National Botanical Gardens, Glasnevin.Access the lists via the Taxonomy Browser

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