List of theaters built by China as aid

The construction of theaters, opera houses, and other cultural facilities by China as gifts to foreign countries is a part of China's foreign aid program.[1] In a white paper published by China in 2009 on its aid projects in the area of civil construction, the building of cultural facilities is one of the types identified among a total of 2,025 projects stated as built by a Chinese grant or no-interest loan to the recipient country.[1]

Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre in Sri Lanka
  •  Algeria
    • A national opera house in Algiers is under construction as a US$40 million gift by China to Algeria.[2] The foundation stone for the 1400 seat venue was laid in a ceremony in November 2012.[2]
  •  Cameroon
    • The Palais des Congrès de Yaoundé was built by China and opened in 1982. The venue is a 1,500 seat multipurpose performance hall with "an ultra-modern stage boasting the country's best sound and lighting equipment."[3]
  •  Ghana
    • The National Theatre in Accra was opened in January 1993 after construction by China.[4] The theatre is a gift as the loan from China funding the construction would later be cancelled in 2007. China granted a further US$2 million to refurbish the theatre for Ghana's golden jubilee celebrations.
    • The Drama Studio at the University of Ghana at Legon was built under the program as the original work on the National Theatre.[4]
  •  Mauritius
    • The Plaza Theatre in Rose Hill was renovated in 2008 using funds provided by China in the form of a non-interest loan.[5]
  •  Senegal
    • The Grand Theatre in Dakar was constructed from 2008-2011 by Complant as a gift.[6] The six storey, 1800 seat theatre was built at a cost of 16 billion CFA francs, of which China paid 14 billion CFA francs and Senegal contributed the rest.[6]
    • Construction on a Museum of Black Civilization located in Dakar began in 2011, funded by a grant of $US30 million from China.[7] The contractor for the project is the Shanghai Construction Group.
  •  Somalia
  •  Sri Lanka
  •  Trinidad and Tobago


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