List of viceroys of Sicily

This is a list of viceroys of Sicily:

Aragonese direct rule 1409–1516

Spanish direct rule, 1516–1713

At the end of the War of the Spanish Succession, by the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), Sicily was ceded to the Duke of Savoy.

House of Savoy, 1713–1720

  • Annibale Maffei, Count 1714–1718
  • Giovan Francesco di Bette, Marquis of Lede 1718–1719
  • Niccolò Pignatelli, Duke of Monteleone 1719–1720

The Spanish invaded the kingdom in 1718 during the War of the Quadruple Alliance. The Duke of Savoy ceded it to Austria in 1720 by the Treaty of The Hague.

Austrian direct rule, 1720–1734

Conquered by the Spanish in 1734 during the War of the Polish Succession, the kingdom was ceded to Charles I, Duke of Parma, a son of the King of Spain.

House of Borbon, 1734–1816

In 1816 the Kingdom of Naples and the Kingdom of Sicily were merged into the new Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.


Time of the Viceroys

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