Los Angeles Harbor College

Los Angeles Harbor College
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MottoWhere Students Learn
TypePublic Community College
PresidentOtto W. K. Lee
Location, ,
United States

33°47′02″N 118°17′02″W / 33.784°N 118.284°W / 33.784; -118.284Coordinates: 33°47′02″N 118°17′02″W / 33.784°N 118.284°W / 33.784; -118.284
CampusLarge City
Colors          Blue and Yellow
MascotSammy the Seahawk

Los Angeles Harbor College (LAHC) is a public community college in Wilmington, California. It is one of two community colleges serving the South Bay region of Los Angeles. LAHC serves mainly students from Harbor City, Carson, San Pedro, Gardena, Lomita, Wilmington and the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

LAHC accommodates over 8,900 students per semester, and is located between Wilmington and Harbor City, the heart of the Los Angeles harbor region.

As of 2010, 37% of LAHC's population were part-time students, with 65% describing themselves as full-time. The school population is about 40% male and 60% female.


Like most community colleges in the state of California, LAHC offers programs for students to eventually transfer to a four-year university as well as occupational training programs in business and office administration, electronics technology, computer technology, and nursing. The college also offers a program for international students.

Notable alumni

Fall 2017 Demographics of student body [13]
Hispanic and Latino American 59%
African American 10%
Asian American 10%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 1%
White European Americans 10%
Multiracial Americans 3%
International students 2%
Unknown 5%
Female 58%
Male 42%

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