Los Angeles Southwest College

Los Angeles Southwest College
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TypeCommunity College
EstablishedSeptember 1967[1]
PresidentDr. Seher Awan
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students8,200 (full-time)
Location, ,
33°55′46″N 118°18′19″W / 33.929358°N 118.305395°W / 33.929358; -118.305395Coordinates: 33°55′46″N 118°18′19″W / 33.929358°N 118.305395°W / 33.929358; -118.305395
ColorsBlue and Gold
SportsMen and Women's Basketball, Football

Los Angeles Southwest College (LASC) is a public community college in the unincorporated area of West Athens, California in the Los Angeles County, near the city of Los Angeles. It is part of the Los Angeles Community College District.


Los Angeles Southwest College was established in 1967,[1] two years after the Watts riots, in response to complaints of both officials and citizens that not enough was being done to educate the area's mostly African American population. The college, located at the intersection of Western Avenue and Imperial Highway in South Los Angeles, now serves an area population that is diverse.

LASC offers numerous academic programs and training in various workforce areas including technology-based occupations, business, electronics, Urban development, music technology, and theater production. LASC also provides ESL and citizenship classes.

Aerial view of LA Southwest College from the south, with the I-105 freeway in foreground and practice baseball fields.

LASC has secured over $500 million of bonds to complete its master plan by 2012.[needs update] As a "green campus", LASC has a college-wide recycling program and will have the majority of its building meeting some level of LEED standard.

Notable alumni

Fall Demographics of student body [2]
Ethnic Breakdown 2018[3] 2017[4]
Hispanic and Latino American 46% 41%
African American 37% 46%
Asian American 1% 1%
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 0% 0%
White 2% 2%
Multiracial Americans 2% 2%
International students 1% 1%
Unknown 11% 6%
Female 69% 70%
Male 31% 30%

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