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Equestrian monument to Charlemagne in Liège

Louis Jehotte (7 November 1803 or 1804 – 3 February 1884) was a prominent Belgian sculptor working in a realist tradition that was inflected, who was responsible for the bronze equestrian monument to Charlemagne erected in the boulevard d'Avroy, Liège, in 1867. His bronze Cain Maudit stands outside the Palais des Académies, Brussels, his Charles de Lorraine in the Place Royale, Brussels.

His father Léonard Jehotte (Herstal, 1 August 1772 – Maastricht, 1 August (!) 1851) was an engraver at the mint, at Liège. His son Louis was born in Paris.[1][2] and studied at the Académie de dessin at Liège under François Joseph Dewandre. He taught sculpture at the Brussels Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts.


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