Lubna Azabal

Lubna Azabal
Loubna Azabal.jpg
Birth nameLoubna Azabal
Born (1973-08-15) 15 August 1973 (age 46)
Brussels, Belgium
Alma materRoyal Conservatory of Brussels
Years active1998–present
Notable works and rolesParadise Now
The Honourable Woman

Lubna Azabal (born 15 August 1973) is a Belgian actress, born in Brussels to a Moroccan father and a Spanish mother.[1]


After studying at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, she began a theatrical career in Belgium. In 1997, she took her first film role when Belgian film-maker Vincent Lannoo chose her to act beside Olivier Gourmet in his short film J'adore le cinéma.[citation needed] She performs in English, French and Arabic. She was raised trilingual (French, Spanish and Berber).[1]

Her most widely known film role is in the 2005 Palestinian political thriller, Paradise Now. She appears in a smaller role in Ridley Scott's Body of Lies. She has a lead part alongside Maggie Gyllenhaal in Hugo Blick's 2014 BBC TV miniseries The Honourable Woman.

Azabal won the Black Pearl Award 2010 (Abu Dhabi Film Festival) for Best Actress for her role in the film Incendies.[2] She also won the Genie Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role at the 31st Genie Awards and the Magritte Award for Best Actress at the 2nd Magritte Awards.[3] She starred opposite Ben Foster in the independent film Here (2011).

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