Lycée Français International d'Anvers

Lycée Français International Anvers is a French international school in Antwerp, Belgium.[1] In the heart of Antwerp the Lycée Français International offers a curriculum in French, English and Dutch. Run in conjunction with the agency for French education abroad (AEFE), the Lycée Français International is part of a network of 500 schools in 130 countries.

A bilingual education

French-English curriculum from the second year of pre-elementary school. French-English or French-Dutch in elementary school and college. Dutch courses for all the students.
[2] As of 2018 the school has 160 students.[3] Some students live in Brussels and commute to this school.[4] Moreover LFIA is only 40 kilometres away from Brussels and easily reachable by train or public transport, making it possible to welcome children from all around the country.

The school offers bilingual French-English and French-Dutch programs.[3]


Lycée Français International, founded in 1901, was first a Belgian establishment for French-speaking education known as Institut Rochez then it became Lycée d’Anvers. In 1919 a girl-school opened its doors in the actual buildings of the Lycée Français International under the name of Collège Marie-José.

After the reforms of Belgian education in the 1970s, it became the Lycée Français International in 2001.

Since then, the school is part of the AEFE network (Agency for French Education Abroad) and guarantees that French programs and values are respected in every Lycée Français abroad thanks to a service of inspections and regional coordination.[1]


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