Lycée International Alexandre-Dumas

Lycée International Alexandre-Dumas
ثانوية الكسندر دوما الدولية
Lycée international d'Alger à Ben Aknoun (Algérie) - 2006.jpg
Lycée International Alexandre-Dumas is located in Algeria
Lycée International Alexandre-Dumas
Lycée International Alexandre-Dumas
Chemin Arezki Mouri - Ben-Aknoun - Algérie

CoordinatesCoordinates: 36°45′48″N 3°00′53″E / 36.7632°N 3.0147°E / 36.7632; 3.0147
TypeFrench international school

The Lycée International Alexandre Dumas (LIAD; Arabic: ثانوية الكسندر دوما الدولية‎) is a French international school in Ben-Aknoun, Algiers, Algeria.[1] It has two divisions: primaire (primary school) and collège-lycée (junior and senior high school).

A spin off of the school was inaugurated in the city of Oran on December 3, 2017.[2] Another exists in Annaba.[3]

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