MHz Networks

MHz Networks
Founded2001; 18 years ago (2001)
SloganMany voices. One world.
HeadquartersFalls Church, Virginia
Picture format
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MHz Networks is an American public broadcaster that specializes in international television programming.

Washington, D.C., broadcast operations

MHz Networks began as a project of the Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation. The broadcaster's original stations were WNVT in Goldvein, Virginia, and WNVC in Fairfax, Virginia, which served the Washington, D.C., television market. International programming began on WNVC in 1996, branded "World View TV". In 2001, the two stations became known as MHz Networks, with WNVC becoming MHz1 and WNVT becoming MHz2.

In the digital television era, WNVC and WNVT placed a set of twelve international news channels on their two signals. The final set of channels consisted of TRT World, CGTN America, CGTN Documentary, Africa Today TV, France 24, CNC World, Arirang, TeleSUR, Deutsche Welle, and Vietnet. Previous channels included NHK World, BVN, Al Jazeera English, Blue Ocean Network, SABC News International, NTA, Ethiopian Television, RT America, RT Spanish, VTV4, Euronews, CNC World, and TRT Türk.[1] Two months before the end of broadcast operations in Washington, on February 1, 2018, RT America was dropped from WNVC's signal, apparently due to concerns that MHz Networks or CPBC would be required to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.[2]

In 2013, Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation spun off the MHz Networks unit and sold the WNVC and WNVT towers. On April 1, 2018, MHz Networks exited the Washington, D.C. market after CPBC sold the stations' channel allocations in the Federal Communications Commission's ongoing spectrum reallocation auction.

MHz WorldView

MHz Worldview
MHz Worldview.png
LaunchedOctober 19, 2005; 14 years ago (2005-10-19)
Owned byMHz Networks
Picture format480i (SDTV)
SloganOne World. One Channel.
CountryUnited States
See Affiliates
AT&T U-verseChannel 20

MHz Worldview is an independent, American, non-commercial public television network that broadcasts newscasts and other programs from around the world. It is owned and operated by MHz Networks.

MHz Worldview offers international newscasts, foreign dramas, music performances, and diversity programming, in English or with subtitles.

The channel is available as a subchannel on several U.S. public TV stations.


City Station
Akron/Youngstown, Ohio WEAO 49.3/WNEO 45.3
Charleston, Illinois WEIU-TV 51.2
Chicago, Illinois WYCC 20.1
Columbia/Jefferson City, Missouri KMOS-TV 6.3
Denver, Colorado KBDI-TV 12.3
Flint, Michigan WDCQ-TV 19.2
Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, Michigan WGVU-TV 35.4/WGVK 52.4
Las Cruces, New Mexico/El Paso, Texas KRWG-TV 22.2
New York City WNDT-CD 17.1/WMBQ-CD 46.1
Orlando, Florida WDSC-TV 15.3
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania WPPT 35.1
Plattsburgh, New York/Burlington, Vermont WCFE-TV 57.2
Quad Cities, Illinois/Iowa WQPT-TV 24.2
Pullman/Yakima, Washington KWSU-TV 10.3/KTNW 31.3
Richmond/Charlottesville, Virginia WNVT 23.3/WNVC 41.3
Rochester, Minnesota KSMQ-TV 15.2
Salt Lake City, Utah KUEN 9.2
San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, California KPJK 60.4
Tacoma/Seattle/Centralia, Washington KBTC-TV 28.3/KCKA 15.3
Topeka, Kansas KTWU 11.2

MHz Choice

MHz Choice
MHz Choice Logo.png
LaunchedOctober 20, 2015; 4 years ago (2015-10-20)
Owned byMHz Networks
SloganDon't fear the subtitles![3]
CountryUnited States and Canada

On October 20, 2015, MHz Networks launched an OTT streaming video on-demand SVOD service called MHz Choice in the U.S. The service expanded into Canada in September 2017.

MHz Choice features mysteries, dramas and comedies from MHz Networks' catalog of international programs, unedited with English subtitles. The direct to consumer service is available on the web at mhzchoice.com and on a variety of apps including Android, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, Fire TV, Roku and a Samsung Smart TV app.

MHz Choice Partners
In November 2016, MHz Choice launched on Amazon Prime Video Channels which gave Amazon Prime members the ability to add an MHz Choice subscription to their Amazon Prime account. In October 2018, MHz Choice launched on Comcast's Xfinity X1's over the internet on-demand service.[4] In April 2019, MHz Choice launched on The Roku Channel as part of Roku's Premium Subscription service.[5]


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