Type of site
News, information, and rumors related to Apple Inc.
HeadquartersRichmond, Virginia
OwnerMacRumors.com, LLC
Created byArnold Kim
EditorEric Slivka
Alexa rankDecrease 1,908 (June 2018)[1]
RegistrationNot needed to view site and forums but needed for posting on the forums.
LaunchedFebruary 24, 2000; 19 years ago (2000-02-24)
Current statusActive

MacRumors.com is a website that aggregates Mac and Apple related news, rumors, and reports. The site was launched February 24, 2000, in Richmond, Virginia, and is owned by Arnold Kim.[2][3] By consolidating reports and cross-referencing claims, MacRumors attempts to keep track of the rumor community. The tagline of MacRumors is "News and Rumors You Care About". The website is updated weekdays with new rumors, with most updates starting in the morning of east coast United States time. During breaking news, updates are posted during the weekend and afterhours.[citation needed]


MacRumors is home to a large Mac-focused forum site with over 950,000 members and over 20,000,000 forum posts as of April 2015.[4] The site hosts a specialized Buyer's Guide[5] that recommends timeframes for purchasing Apple products based on the products' last update.[6]


As of April 30, 2012, according to Quantcast, MacRumors receives an average 65,890,912 page views globally per month, and 7,567,679 visitors per month globally.[7] Website traffic often increases dramatically during Apple events, such as WWDC.[citation needed]

Sister sites

TouchArcade is a mobile game news website that launched in 2008.[8] Arnold Kim of MacRumors worked on the site.[9] Kim also runs AppShopper, making the three "sister sites".[10] TouchArcade's editor-in-chief was Eli Hodapp from 2009 to 2019.[11][12] The site unveiled a dedicated iOS app in 2012.[13][14] Early the next year, TouchArcade began a promotion called Free Play, wherein the website promoted a game that was made free to download for the promotion's duration.[15] TouchArcade launched a crowdfunding campaign in June 2015.[16]

Journalists have recognized TouchArcade as among the best mobile game news websites.[17][18][10] Games journalists also described TouchArcade's Hodapp as influential within the mobile game community.[19][20][21]

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