Magat River

Magat River
Magat River is located in Luzon
Magat River
Magat River mouth
Magat River is located in Philippines
Magat River
Magat River (Philippines)
Native nameIlog ng Magat  (Tagalog)
RegionCagayan Valley
Physical characteristics
SourceConjunction of the Santa Fe and Marang Rivers
 ⁃ locationAritao, Nueva Vizcaya, Cordillera Central Mountains
MouthConfluence of Magat River-Cagayan River
 ⁃ location
Gamu, Isabela
 ⁃ coordinates
17°02′27″N 121°49′43″E / 17.040880°N 121.828583°E / 17.040880; 121.828583Coordinates: 17°02′27″N 121°49′43″E / 17.040880°N 121.828583°E / 17.040880; 121.828583
 ⁃ elevation
0 m (0 ft)
Length150 km (93 mi)
Basin size5,110 km2 (1,970 sq mi)
 ⁃ locationCagayan River
 ⁃ average540 m3/s (19,000 cu ft/s)
Basin features

Magat River is a river in the Philippine island of Luzon. It originates in the Nueva Vizcaya municipality of Aritao, where the Santa Fe River joins the Marang. It is the largest tributary of the Cagayan River by discharge volume of water, with an estimated drainage area of 5,110 square kilometres (1,970 sq mi), roughly twenty percent of the total drainage area of the Cagayan River.

Magat River Integrated Irrigation System

The Magat River Integrated Irrigation System Project, started by the National Irrigation Administration in the 1960s, is one of the Philippine's largest irrigation projects with hydroelectric power generation capacity. Its total cost amounted to US$500 million.[1]

The project is made up of the Magat reservoir, three diversion dams, a large number of irrigation canals and three pumping stations to supply irrigation water for an area of about 97,400 hectares (974 km2). It is also includes hydroelectric power plants; 360 megawatts (480,000 hp) at Magat reservoir, 6,000 kilowatts (8,000 hp) at Baligatan and 2,500 kilowatts (3,400 hp) Magat mini-hydroelectric power plants in Maris main canal.

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