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The World Fantasy Award—Life Achievement is given each year to individuals for their overall career in fields related to fantasy. It is one of the World Fantasy Awards, which are given each year by the World Fantasy Convention for the best fantasy fiction and fantasy art published in English during the preceding calendar year. The Life Achievement category has been awarded annually since 1975. World Fantasy Award nominees are decided by attendees and judges at the annual World Fantasy Convention. A ballot is posted in June for attendees of the current and previous two conferences to determine two of the finalists, and a panel of five judges adds three or more nominees before voting on the overall winner of each category. Unlike the other World Fantasy Award categories, the nominees for the Life Achievement award are not announced; instead, the winner is announced along with the nominees in the other categories. During the 45 nomination years, 71 people have been given the Life Achievement Award. Multiple winners have been awarded 22 times, typically two co-winners, though five were noted in 1984. (Full list...)
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Adriaen van Ostade

Adriaen van Ostade (1610–1685) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. He was a prolific artist, and is best known for his genre art, with scenes or events from everyday life, such as markets, domestic settings, interiors, parties, inn scenes, and street scenes.

This oil-on-panel painting, dating to between 1650 and 1655, is entitled The De Goyer family and the painter; Ostade is shown standing on the right. The other people depicted are the seated Hendrick de Goyer, steward of Heemstede; his future wife Anna Questiers, in pink; and her sister, the poet Catharina Questiers, in the centre, perhaps reading one of her poems. The painting is in the collection of the Museum Bredius in The Hague.

Painting credit: Adriaen van Ostade

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