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Manx National Heritage
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Area served
Isle of Man
Key people
Edmund Southworth, Director[1]

Manx National Heritage (Manx: Eiraght Ashoonagh Vannin) is the national heritage organisation for the Isle of Man. The organisation manages a significant proportion of the island’s physical heritage assets including over 3,000 acres of coastline and landscape. It holds property, archives, artwork, library and museum collections in trust for the Manx nation. It is the Isle of Man's statutory heritage agency and an Isle of Man registered charity (№ 603).


Manx National Heritage is a charitable trust, and a registered charity created by statute as (and still formally known as) the Manx Museum and National Trust. It is governed by a board of trustees.

Manx National Heritage's role is to lead the Isle of Man's community in recognising, understanding, valuing and promoting its cultural heritage and identity to a worldwide audience.

It is a designated body[further explanation needed] of the Isle of Man Government, linked via the Department of Economic Development. The Isle of Man Government provide funding for the trust's core activities and some capital projects

Manx National Heritage operates the Isle of Man's National Museum and Art Gallery, National Monuments Service, and the National Library and Archive.


Manx National Heritage runs the following museums:

Site and field monuments

The following monuments are under the protection of Manx National Heritage:

Heritage assets

The following properties are under the protection of Manx National Heritage:


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