Mapoyo-Yabarana language

Native toVenezuela
RegionSuapure River
Ethnicity520 Mapoyo & Yabarana (2007)[1]
ExtinctLast speaker of Pemono after 1998. A few semi-speakers of Mapoyo proper (2007), 20 Yabarana (1977)[1]
  • Venezuelan Carib
    • Mapoyo–Tamanaku
      • Mapoyo
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
mcg – Mapoyo
yar – Yabarana
pev – Pémono

Mapoyo, or Mapoyo–Yavarana, is a Carib language spoken along the Suapure and Parguaza Rivers, Venezuela. The ethnic population of Mapoyo proper is about 365. Yabarana dialect is perhaps extinct; 20 speakers were known in 1977.[1] An additional dialect, Pémono,[2] was discovered in 1998. It was spoken by an 80-year-old woman and has since gone extinct.


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