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Commune of France
[[The arms of Mardyck are blazoned :
Azure, standing in a boat Or, St. Nicolas vested argent and Or, with mitre and crozier Or, with 3 children at his feet.|Coat of arms]]
Entrée de Mardyck.JPG
Entering Mardyck from Dunkerque
 • Coordinates51°01′10″N 2°15′02″E / 51.01944°N 2.25056°E / 51.01944; 2.25056Coordinates: 51°01′10″N 2°15′02″E / 51.01944°N 2.25056°E / 51.01944; 2.25056
Oil refinery on the Nouveau Canal de Mardyck

Mardyck (Dutch: Mardijk) is a former commune in the Nord department in northern France. It is an associated commune with Dunkirk since it joined the latter in 1979.[1]


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