Marquez crater

Marquez crater
Marquez dome AR5820030451618.jpg
Cretaceous rocks at center of Marquez dome
Impact crater/structure
Diameter12.7 km (8 mi)
Age58 ± 2 million years
LocationMarquez, Texas, United States
Coordinates31°17′N 96°18′W / 31.283°N 96.300°W / 31.283; -96.300
CountryUnited States
DistrictLeon County, TX
Marquez crater is located in Texas
Marquez crater
Marquez crater
Location of Marquez crater in Texas
AccessTexas 7.svg State Highway 7

Marquez crater is a meteorite crater located in Leon County, Texas near the small town of Marquez about 177 km (110 mi) northeast of Austin, Texas, United States.[1]

It is 12.7 km (8 mi) in diameter and the age is estimated to be 58 ± 2 million years (Paleocene). The crater is not exposed at the surface, but some surface formations including the Marquez Dome are thought to be exposed portions of the rebound peak.[2]

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