Mary Anne Ansley

Mary Anne Ansley, née Gaudon (fl.1810-1840) was a British artist known for her depiction of mythological subjects and for her portrait paintings.


Ansley was the daughter of an architect and married a British Army officer, a Colonel Ansley.[1] Between 1814 and 1833 she exhibited some twenty-two works at the Royal Academy.[1] Some twenty-one pieces by her were also shown at the British Institution in London between 1812 and 1823.[2] She was also a regular exhibitor att the Suffolk Street gallery of the Royal Society of British Artists.[3] In 1833 Ansley painted a portrait of Prince Louis Napoleon Bonaparte for which the Prince sat for her in London.[1][3] For many years a number of her works were held at Houghton Hall in Huntingdonshire with which she had a family connection.[1] Ansley spent some time in Italy and died in Naples in 1840.[2]


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