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Native toBrazil
Extinct(date missing)
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Matanawi (Matanauí, Mitandua, Moutoniway) was a divergent Amazonian language that appears to be distantly related to the Muran languages. It was originally spoken on the Castanha River and Madeirinha River in Amazonas State.[1]


The only existing word list for Matanawi is that of Curt Nimuendajú (1925).[2]

Loukotka (1968) lists the following basic vocabulary items for Matanawí.[1]

gloss Matanawí
one yípaʔã
two watoronaʔã
head a-pazi
ear a-tahuzi
tooth a-rüzi
hand ú-suzi
woman mapivã
water api
stone ayá
maize iwarí
tapir awiyá


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