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Zoo Vet at Large is a television series following the work of zoo vet Matt Brash at Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire. The programme originated from Yorkshire Television and is also shown worldwide on channels such as Sky Travel and the Danish channel Viasat.

Matt Brash has been called the James Herriot of the 21st century. His veterinary home is currently in the village of Great Givendale. He has four sons, his favourite being his fourth, named Tiger. Tiger has proven himself to be the most inept of the four after winning 3rd place (3 contestants) in the 2010 Nationally Regional Trampolining championship (NRTC), as well as looking the least likely to survive if separated from his parents. Matt also owns a plethora of pets including a dragon, a sphinx and slug called Barry. Larry, the previous slug, was involved in an unfortunate accident when he was introduced to Rory the fire dragon.

Zoo Vet

Zoo Vet is the first book by Matt Brash, published in 2007.

"Good day at the office, dear?" is a particularly loaded question when asked of Matt Brash. A typical day at the office could include escaping from angry polar bears, dodging poo hurled by grumpy chimpanzees and avoiding massive loss of blood at the teeth of vindictive hamsters. A light-hearted and colourful journey through Matt's life and work with weird and wonderful exotic animals, from tarantulas to tapirs, birds to bears, brothel madams to motorbikers!

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