Mausoleum of Mohammed V

Coordinates: 34°01′21.41″N 6°49′19.01″W / 34.0226139°N 6.8219472°W / 34.0226139; -6.8219472

The Mausoleum

The Mausoleum of Mohammed V (Arabic: ضريح محمد الخامس‎) is a mausoleum located on the opposite side of the Hassan Tower, on the Yacoub al-Mansour esplanade in Rabat, Morocco. It contains the tombs of the Moroccan king and his two sons, late King Hassan II and Prince Abdallah. The building is considered a masterpiece of modern Alaouite dynasty architecture, with its white silhouette, topped by a typical green tiled roof, green being the colour of Islam. A reader of the Quran is often present, having his assigned seat. Its construction was completed in 1971.[1] Hassan II was buried there following his death in 1999.[2]



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