A McWord is a word containing the prefix Mc-, derived from the first syllable of the name of the McDonald's restaurant chain. Words of this nature are either official marketing terms of the chain (such as McNugget), or are neologisms designed to evoke pejorative associations with the restaurant chain or fast food in general, often for qualities of cheapness, inauthenticity, or the rapidity and ease of manufacture. They are also used in non-consumerism contexts as a pejorative for heavily commercialized or globalized things and concepts.

A screenshot of the video gaming website IGN under "McIGN" branding circa September 2003


Official McDonald's products and branding concepts

  • Mayor McCheese
  • McCafé
  • McDonaldland
  • McInternet – A free Wi-Fi service in some U.S. McDonald's restaurants. In Venezuela and Brazil,[1] it is an Internet cafe service offered in several McDonald's restaurants.
  • McState – The McDonald's job and career search service.
  • McWorld – The term was used in a mid-1990s McDonald's advertising campaign depicting a world ruled by children. It is also used in a critical way to emphasize the deprecation of local culture in favor of a global culture prescribed by large corporations.
  • McNuggets

McWords not officially related to McDonald's

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