Megan Wraight

Megan Wraight
ResidenceNew Zealand
Alma materRMIT University, Melbourne
AwardsNZ Arts Foundation Laureate Award

Megan Wraight is a New Zealand landscape architect who has had considerable influence on the design of public spaces.[1] She was the founding principal of Wraight + Associates Limited, which has completed a wide variety of large-scale urban projects throughout New Zealand, including waterfront redevelopments, educational facilities, transport facilities and urban-renewal projects.[2][3]


Waitangi Park plantings 2007

Wraight completed a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at RMIT University, Melbourne, in 1992.[3] In 2006, she received the International Federation of Landscape Architect award, one of the industry's highest international honours,[2] and in 2013 she was the first landscape architect to receive the Arts Foundation of New Zealand Laureate Award.[1]

Her Waitangi Park project in Wellington showcased sustainable landscape design, particularly water conservation, and her work on the Wynyard Quarter on Auckland's waterfront is an example of urban waterfront renewal.[1][3] Wraight + Associates also designed Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington, and have won many awards from the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects, including four of the top awards in 2017.[1][3]

Projects and awards

Some of Wraight + Associates' projects include:

  • The development of Waitangi Park, Taranaki Wharf, CentrePort and the Lambton Harbour Masterplan on Wellington's Waterfront[1]
  • The Hood Street Upgrade, Hamilton[1]
  • Waitomo Caves Visitor's Centre, with Architecture Workshop[1][3]
  • Christchurch Coastal Pathway[3][4]
  • Wynyard Quarter, Jellicoe Street, North Wharf and Silo Park on Auckland's waterfront[5]
  • Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington, as Wraight Athfield Landscape + Architecture Ltd (WALA) (Category Winner, Parks category, NZILA awards 2017)[1][6][7][8]
  • Victoria University of Wellington Hub - Wraight + Associates Ltd with Athfield | Architectus (NZILA Award of Excellence, Institutional category, 2017)[8]
  • Cenotaph Precinct Upgrade, Wraight + Associates Ltd & Wellington City Council Urban Design Team (Category Winner, Urban spaces category, NZILA awards 2017)[8]


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