Michael C. Rea

Michael Cannon Rea is an American analytic philosopher and, since 2017, John A. O'Brien Professor of Philosophy[1] at the University of Notre Dame. He delivered the 2017 Gifford Lecture on divine hiddenness.[2]

The argument against naturalism

In World Without Design: The Ontological Consequences of Naturalism, Rea argues that naturalists are not justified in accepting either realism about material objects, or realism about other minds, or materialism.[3]

Rea's understanding of naturalism

According to Rea, naturalism is primarily a research program.[4] By a research program he means a particular set of dispositions to "trust certain ways of acquiring information with respect to various topics and to distrust others".[5] The core of naturalism is, therefore, something attitudinal.[6] He argues that research programs "cannot be adopted on the basis of evidence".[7] This claim suggests that the naturalist commitment to science is just a secular faith, no better epistemically than standard religion.[8]


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