Michigan Emmy Awards

Michigan Emmy Award
Awarded forExcellence in television
LocationSouthfield, Michigan
Presented byNATAS
First awarded1980

The Michigan Emmy Awards is a chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (MI-NATAS) The Southfield, Michigan division was founded in 1980. In addition to granting the Michigan Emmy Awards, this division awards scholarships, honors industry veterans at the Silver Circle Celebration, conducts National Student Television Awards of Excellence, has a free research and a nationwide job bank. The chapter also participates in judging Emmy entries at the regional and national levels.[1][2]

Board of governors

The Board of Governors is a working board, which works together collaboratively to ensure they are providing for the best interests of the membership.[3]

Member Elected Community Involvement
Gary R. May President Director/Producer
Alex Kimbrough Vice-President of Awards WJBK-TV
Bill Harris Vice-President of Programming News anchor and features reporter, WJRT-TV
Lori Jo Vest Vice-President of Membership LJV Consulting
Michelle De Souza Secretary Bank Executive
Jayne Hodak Board Member Assistant News Director, WJRT-TV
Marty Eddy Board Member Freelance
John Hammond Board Member National Trustee
Carlota Almanza-Lumpkin Board Member Production Manager, WTVS
Denny Iott Board Member Director of Production, Fox Sports Detroit
Donald Thompson Board Member Editor, WTVS
Jim Kiertzner Board Member WDIV-TV
Bob Kuszynski Board Member WXYZ-TV
Jerry Rimmer Treasurer WXYZ-TV

2011 Emmy Award Winners

On May 14, 2011 the Michigan Emmys were held at the Motor City Casino Sound Board Theater in Detroit, Michigan. Emmys were given to the following individuals.[4]


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