Middle Polish language

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Middle Polish
RegionCentral and Eastern Europe
Eradeveloped into Modern Polish by the 18th century
Early form
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Middle Polish (Polish: język średniopolski) is the period in the history of the Polish language between the 16th and 18th centuries. It evolved from Old Polish, and gave rise to Modern Polish.[1]

In 16th century, Polish poet Jan Kochanowski proposed a set of orthographic rules and an alphabet of 48 letters and digraphs:

a á à ą b b́ c ć ç d θ θ´ θ˙ é è ę f g h ch i k l ł m ḿ n ń o ó p ṕ q r ŗ ſ σ ß t v w ẃ x y z ź ƶ.

The letters ç, θ, θ´, θ˙, ŗ, σ, ß corresponded to Modern Polish cz, dz, , , rz, ś, sz, respectively.


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Further reading

  • Bogdan Walczak: Zarys dziejów języka polskiego. Poznań: Kantor Wydawniczy SAWW, 1995. ISBN 83-85954-51-1.

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