Millbrook Resort

Millbrook Resort
Millbrook Resort is located in New Zealand
Millbrook Resort
Location within New Zealand
General information
LocationQueenstown, New Zealand
Address1124 Malaghans Rd, Arrowtown 9371
Coordinates44°56′34″S 168°49′05″E / 44.9428038°S 168.8180444°E / -44.9428038; 168.8180444Coordinates: 44°56′34″S 168°49′05″E / 44.9428038°S 168.8180444°E / -44.9428038; 168.8180444
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Millbrook Resort is a luxury resort near Queenstown, New Zealand. It is located 4 kilometres to the west of the historic gold-mining town of Arrowtown. The resort covers two hundred hectares of the Wakatipu Basin - a glacial valley bordered by the Crown Range, the Remarkables and Lake Wakatipu.

The resort includes three restaurants, a bar/cafe, a spa and a 27-hole golf course (3 sets of 9 holes). Its elegantly decorated suites and villas offer clear views of the surrounding mountains. Guests enjoy an outdoor heated pool, an indoor lap pool and 2 outdoor hot tubs.

Accommodations options at Millbrook Resort include open-plan studios, larger 1-bedroom suites or spacious 2-bedroom villas with a fully equipped kitchen. All accommodations offer great views of the mountains, golf course or resort grounds.

Facilities include a fitness center with expert-led fitness classes and a day spa offers a range of massages and therapies. Guests have access to free Wi-Fi in all areas.

Golfers will love the Millbrook’s 27-hole championship golf course and covered driving range. Millbrook Resort is a 3-time winner of the World Travel Award for 'Leading Golf Resort in Australasia'.

Millbrook is privately owned by the Ishii family, though individual residences within the resort are owned by a diverse group of investors, largely from New Zealand but also from Australia and around the world.

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Millbrook Declaration

In 1995, Millbrook was the venue for a top-level meeting of Commonwealth heads of government, meeting to design a policy programme of the Commonwealth of Nations, designed to ratify the basic political membership criteria of the Commonwealth. The programme was agreed and announced on 12 November 1995.

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