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Ministry of Defence of Mongolia
Mongolian: Монгол Улсын Батлан хамгаалах яам
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Agency overview
Formed29 December 1911
Jurisdiction Mongolia
Minister responsible
  • Brigadier General Gürsediin Saikhanbayar[2]
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Damdin Sükhbaatar was first to serve as Defence Minister

The Ministry of Defence of Mongolia (Mongolian: Монгол Улсын Батлан хамгаалах яам) is a ministry of the Government of Mongolia. According to the Law on the defence of Mongolia, the ministry is responsible for develop defense policy, coordinate its political, economic, social, legal and military implementation, and exercise civilian control over the Mongolian Armed Forces.[3] The current Minister Gürsediin Saikhanbayar was appointed in July 2020.

The ministry has the following leadership structure:

  • Minister of Defence
  • Deputy Minister of Defence
  • Secretary of State

According to the Law on the Armed forces, General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces is the professional managing body and the headquarters for the Mongolian Armed Forces and operates independently from the ministry.[4]


On 29 December 1911, Mongolia gained independence from the Manchu Empire, and established its first five ministries. One of the ministries was the Ministry of Military Affairs, which was one of the predecessors to the Ministry of Defence.[5][6]

Since then, it has operated under the following names:

  • Ministry of Military Affairs (1911-1919)
  • Ministry of War (1921-1922)
  • Ministry of Military Affairs of the People's Government of Mongolia (1922-1924)
  • Ministry of Military Affairs of People's Republic of Mongolia (1924-1949)
  • Ministry of Defence (1949-1955)
  • Ministry of Military and Public Security (1955-1959)
  • Ministry of People's Military Affairs (1959-1968)
  • Ministry of Defence of the Mongolian People's Republic (1968-1992)
  • Ministry of Defence of Mongolia (1992-Present)

Ministry structure

The ministry has the following structure:[7]

  • Strategic Policy and Planning Directorate
  • Public Administration Directorate
  • Policy Implementation Coordination Directorate
  • Foreign cooperation Directorate
  • Monitoring Evaluation and Internal Auditing Directorate

Subordinate institutions/units

The following units/institutions are under the direct command of the defence ministry:[8]

  • National Defense University – The MNDU is an accredited military university located in Ulaanbaatar and is the country's premier and oldest military educational institution.[9] It prepares officers and NCOs to have grounded leadership skills as well as physical/moral strength.
  • Institute for Strategic Studies – The institute was established on February 1990 as a strategic research centre under the Ministry of Defence. In May 2006, the government upgraded the institute’s status to a separate research branch of the National Security Council of Mongolia (NSC), acting as a think tank institution.[10]
  • Cultural institutions/units
  • Central Archives – The Central Archives has data and documents which date back to the Mongolian Revolution of 1921. The military archives were set up by the Deputy Minister on 8 May 1939, coming into effect on 20 October. In the late 1950s, the government took concrete action to improve the orderly use of the preservation of the country's archives. In 1956, the Ministry of Defence appointed a spokesperson for the archives of the Mongolian People's Army. In the early 1980s, the Mongolian People's Army Central Archives was equipped with personnel who have professional and vocational training and an advanced post-secondary education and in 1988, a new building was created due to the expansion of the archives. Since 2006, it has been under the control of the defence ministry.[11]
  • "Baga Bayan" Peace Resort – Established in 1932, it is a living centre and retirement home for elderly veterans of military service.[12]
  • State Department Store of the Ministry of Defence "Börte"

List of Ministers of Defence

Tserendash Tsolmon with Sergei Shoigu.

Since July 1996, the ministry has been led by a civilian official.

No. Portrait Minister of Defence Took office Left office Time in office Party
Damdin Sükhbaatar
Sükhbaatar, DamdinDamdin Sükhbaatar
11 July 19211 December 19221 yearsMPP
Khatanbaatar Magsarjav
Magsarjav, KhatanbaatarColonel general
Khatanbaatar Magsarjav
19221927 †4–5 yearsMPP
Khorloogiin Choibalsan
Choibalsan, KhorloogiinMarshal of the Mongolian People's Republic
Khorloogiin Choibalsan
192719291–2 yearsMPP
Gelegdorjiin Demid
Demid, GelegdorjiinMarshal of the Mongolian People's Republic
Gelegdorjiin Demid
193022 August 1937 †6–7 yearsMPP
Khorloogiin Choibalsan
Choibalsan, KhorloogiinMarshal of the Mongolian People's Republic
Khorloogiin Choibalsan
193726 January 1952 †14–15 yearsMPP
Tsedengiin Janchiv [mn]
Janchiv, TsedengiinLieutenant general
Tsedengiin Janchiv [mn]
195219563–4 yearsMPP
Sanjiin Bataa [mn]
Bataa, SanjiinColonel general
Sanjiin Bataa [mn]
195619592–3 yearsMPP
Zhamyangiyn Lhagvasuren [mn]
Lhagvasuren, ZhamyangiynColonel general
Zhamyangiyn Lhagvasuren [mn]
28 June 1959July 196910 yearsMPP
Batyn Dorj [mn]
Dorj, BatynGeneral of the Army
Batyn Dorj [mn]
July 196919788–9 yearsMPP
Jarantyn Avkhia
Avkhia, JarantynColonel general
Jarantyn Avkhia
197819823–4 yearsMPP
Jamsrangijn Jondon [mn]
Jondon, JamsrangijnColonel general
Jamsrangijn Jondon [mn]
198219896–7 yearsMPP
Luvsangombyn Molomjamts [mn]
Molomjamts, LuvsangombynLieutenant general
Luvsangombyn Molomjamts [mn]
(born 1935)
1989September 19900–1 yearsMPP
Shagalyn Jadambaa [mn]
Jadambaa, ShagalynLieutenant general
Shagalyn Jadambaa [mn]
(born 1940)
September 1990July 19965 yearsMPP
Dambyn Dorligjav
Dorligjav, DambynDambyn Dorligjav
(First civilian to hold this post)
19 July 199623 April 19981 yearsDP
Renchinsambuugiin Odonbaatar
Odonbaatar, RenchinsambuugiinRenchinsambuugiin Odonbaatar
23 April 1998January 19990 yearsDP
Sharavdorjiin Tüvdendorj
Tüvбendorj, SharavdorjinSharavdorjiin TüvdendorjJanuary 1999August 20001 yearsDP
Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa
Gürragchaa, JügderdemidiinMajor general
Jügderdemidiin Gürragchaa
(born 1947)
August 200020 August 20044 yearsMPP
Tserenkhüügiin Sharaavdorj
Tserenkhuu, SharaavdorjTserenkhüügiin Sharaavdorj20 August 200413 January 20061 yearsMPP
Mishigiin Sonompil
Sonompil, MishigiinMishigiin Sonompil
(born 1965)
13 January 200622 December 20071 yearsDP
Jamyandorjiin Batkhyuyag
Jamyandorj, BatyuyagJamyandorjiin Batkhyuyag22 December 2007September 20080 yearsMPP
Luvsanvandangiin Bold [mn]
Bold, LuvsanvandanLuvsanvandangiin Bold [mn]
(born 1961)
September 2008January 20123 yearsDP
Jadambyn Enkhbayar
Enkhbayar, JadambaaJadambyn Enkhbayar
(born 1973)
27 January 201217 August 20120 yearsMPP
Dashdembereliin Bat-Erdene
Bat, DashdemberalDashdembereliin Bat-Erdene
(born 1963)
17 August 201210 December 20142 yearsDP
Tserendashiin Tsolmon
Tsolmon, TserendashTserendashiin Tsolmon
10 December 201423 July 20161 yearsMPRP
Badmaanyambuugiin Bat-Erdene
Bat-Erdene, BadmaanyambuuBadmaanyambuugiin Bat-Erdene
(born 1964)
23 July 201620 October 20171 yearsMPP
Nyamaagiin Enkhbold
Enkhbold, NyamaagiinNyamaagiin Enkhbold
(born 1957)
20 October 20178 July 20202 yearsMPP
Gürsediin Saikhanbayar
Saikhanbayar GürsedBrigadier general
Gürsediin Saikhanbayar
(born 1968)
8 July 2020Incumbent0 yearsMPP


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