Ministry of Finance (Moldova)

Ministry of Finance of Moldova
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Sergiu Pușcuța

since 14 November 2019
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderConstantin Tampiza

The Ministry of Finance is the central specialized body of public administration, which develops and promotes the unique policy of training and managing public finances, applying financial levers in line with the requirements of the market economy. In its activity, the Ministry of Finance is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, the laws of the Republic, the decrees of the President of the Republic of Moldova, the resolutions of the Parliament, the ordinances, the decisions and the provisions of the Cabinet of Moldova.


Starting from the objectives of its activity program, the Ministry of Finance elaborates the necessary set of normative acts regulating the budgetary process, the taxation and accounting system, develops medium and long-term forecasts regarding the financial resources, finds solutions of public finance reform, ensures receipts and payments to the state budget. The ministry also elaborates and promotes the draft annual budget law and, if necessary, draft laws for amending and supplementing the annual state budget law.

On the other hand, this state structure carries out the execution of the state budget, administrative-territorial units' budgets, state social insurance budget income and compulsory health insurance fund income. The contracting and guaranteeing of state loans on the internal and external financial market, within the limits of the competences established by the law, the management and monitoring of the internal and external debts of the Government, are also related to the functions of the Ministry of Finance.

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance participates directly in the elaboration of the state customs policy, policy and evaluation of offers in the field of investments made from the funds of the state budget, as well as from external sources. He is also responsible for the implementation of the Republic of Moldova - European Union Action Plan.

On behalf of the State, the Ministry of Finance participates in the conclusion of bilateral and multilateral agreements with a view to promoting and protecting investments, avoiding double taxation and combating tax evasion.


The Ministry of Finance is headed by the Finance Minister - Natalia Gavrilița (appointed on June 8, 2019), which in the process of conducting the activity is supported by 1 general secretary of state and 3 secretaries of state. They are appointed or dismissed by the Government of the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, the Government approves the ministry's structure and staffing.

Personally, the Minister of Finance is responsible for fulfilling the tasks of the Ministry, representing the Ministry in relations with third parties, as well as with the legal and physical persons from the country or abroad. The Deputy Ministers shall exercise the powers delegated by the Minister of Finance. At the same time, the Minister is personally responsible for the way the budgetary means intended to ensure the ministry's activity are used, and to ensure the integrity of financial means and material assets at the disposal of the ministry concerned.

The ministry has the following subordinated institutions:

  • Main State Tax Inspectorate
  • Financial Inspection
  • Customs Service
  • Public Procurement Agency
  • Supervisory Board of Audit

List of ministers

Name Term start Term end
1 Constantin Tampiza 27 August 1991 4 August 1992
2 Claudia Melnic 4 August 1992 5 April 1994
3 Valeriu Chițan 5 April 1994 22 May 1998
4 Anatol Arapu 22 May 1998 12 November 1999
5 Mihail Manoli 21 December 1999 7 February 2002
6 Zinaida Greceanîi 26 February 2002 10 October 2005
7 Mihail Pop 12 October 2005 31 March 2008
8 Mariana Durleșteanu 31 March 2008 25 septembrie 2009
9 Veaceslav Negruța 25 September 2009 14 August 2013
10 Anatol Arapu 14 August 2013 20 January 2016
11 Octavian Armașu 20 January 2016 30 Noiembrie 2018
12 Ion Chicu 10 December 2018 8 June 2019
13 Natalia Gavrilița 8 June 2019 14 November 2019
14 Sergiu Pușcuța 14 November 2019 incumbent

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