Mircea Buga

Mircea Buga
Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family
In office
30 July 2015 – 20 January 2016
PresidentNicolae Timofti
Prime MinisterValeriu Streleț
Preceded byRuxanda Glavan
Succeeded byStela Grigoraș
Minister of Health
In office
18 February 2015 – 30 July 2015
PresidentNicolae Timofti
Prime MinisterChiril Gaburici
Natalia Gherman (interim)
Preceded byAndrei Usatîi
Succeeded byRuxanda Glavan
Personal details
Born (1968-09-11) 11 September 1968 (age 51)
Chișinău, Moldovan SSR

Mircea Buga (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈmirt͡ʃe̯a ˈbuɡa]; born on September 11, 1968 in Chișinău). He has medical background and is a politician who was the Minister of Labour, Social Protection and Family of the Republic of Moldova from 30 July 2015 by January 20, 2016. Before, in the period February 18,[1] 2015 by 30 July 2015 was the Minister of Health of the Republic of Moldova, succeeding Andrei Usatîi (2011-2015). In the Strelets Government, he switched his place with Ruxanda Glavan, taking over the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family and ceding the Ministry of Health. Mircea Buga has also been the General Director of the National Health Insurance Company (since 2009), and by that time, he was Deputy Minister of Health (2007-2009).

Personal life

Mircea Buga is married and has two children.


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