Mohammad Temim

Mohammed Temim, Ambassadeur du Maroc, à la Comédie Italienne (1682), Antoine Coypel (1661-1722), Versailles.

Mohammad Temim, also Haji Mohammad Temim (French: Aggi Mohamed) was an ambassador of the Moroccan king Mulay Ismail to France. Mohammad Temim was accompanied by Ali Manino,[1] as well as six other ambassadorial members.[2] They visited Paris in 1682.[3] He was able to explore many aspects of French intellectual and artistic life. He attended a performance of Lully's Atys. He also visited Notre-Dame de Paris where he attended an organ performance.[4] Mohammad Temin showed great interest in arts and sciences.[5] Upon his return, he received beautiful farewell gifts from Louis XIV.[6]

Another Moroccan ambassador Abdallah bin Aisha would visit France in 1699-1700.[7]


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