Moldova State University

Babeș Bolyai university in Cluj Napoca
MottoVitae discimus (Latin: "For life we learn")
RectorGheorghe Ciocanu
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The Moldova State University (Romanian: Universitatea de Stat din Moldova) is a university located in Chişinău, Moldova.


Central block of the university

The University was founded on 1 October 1946. Initially, it had 320 students enrolled in 5 faculties, Physics and Mathematics, Geology and Pedology, History and Philology, Biology, Chemistry. Within the 12 departments there were 35 teachers. Among the initiators of the founding of the university were Macarie Radu and Mihail Pavlov.

In 1969, the State University of Moldova joined the International Association of Universities as a plenipotentiary member. The prestige of the State University of Moldova on the international arena has been strengthened by the 14 scientists and cultures of 9 countries of the world who have been awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the State University of Moldova. The State University of Moldova has concluded more than 60 cooperation agreements in the field of education and science with university centers in 25 countries. At this university they have done their studies students from about 80 countries of the world.


The university is organized into eleven faculties:

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