Moldovan Declaration of Independence

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The Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova (Romanian: Declarația de independență a Republicii Moldova) was a document adopted on 27 August 1991 by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova following the failure of the August coup attempt.


The document claims "millennial history" and "uninterrupted statehood" within historic and ethnic borders and refers to the official language as "Romanian."[1] This founding act of the Republic of Moldova is celebrated as the National Day or Independence Day.

2001 Moldovan stamp marking the 10th Anniversary of the declaration of independence

The original document that was approved and signed by 278 parliamentary deputies in 1991 was burned during the April 2009 Moldovan parliamentary election protests, but an identical document was restored in 2010.[2][3]


The Moldovan Declaration of Independence clearly and directly claims Moldovan sovereignty over the territory of Transnistria as "a component part of the historical and ethnic territory of our people".

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