Moldovan Football Federation

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Moldovan Football Federation
Moldovan Football Federation logo.svg
Founded14 April 1990
FIFA affiliation1994
UEFA affiliation1993
PresidentLeonid Oleinicenco

The Moldovan Football Federation (Romanian: Federația Moldovenească de Fotbal, FMF) is the governing body of football in Moldova. It organizes all the football leagues, including the top tier league Moldovan National Division (Divizia Națională), and the Moldova national football team. It is based in Chișinău. The current president is Pavel Cebanu.

Non-amateur: 521
Amateurs : 6 213
Under-18: 2 400
Women: 88
Women Under-18: 210
Referees (male): 137
Referees (female): 3

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