Moldovan nationality law

Moldovan Citizenship Act
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Parliament of Moldova
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Status: Current legislation

Moldovan nationality law dates back to June 2, 2000 and has been amended several times, with the latest modifications being made in 2014. It is based on the Constitution of Moldova (articles 17, 18 and 19). It is mainly based on Jus sanguinis.

Dual nationality is allowed, under certain conditions.

Under the law, there are provisions for citizenship to be acquired by:

  • Birth
  • Recognition
  • Adoption
  • Recover
  • Naturalisation

Citizenship by birth

You acquire citizenship by birth, if you fulfil any of the following requirements.

  1. Either of your parents is a citizen of Moldova at the time of your birth
  2. You are born on the territory of Moldova, and your parents are stateless persons
  3. You are born on the territory of Moldova, and cannot receive the citizenship of either of your parents
  4. Any foundling found on the territory of Moldova is considered a citizen unless proven otherwise, until the age of 18

Citizenship by naturalisation

Citizenship may be granted to anyone who has reached the age of 18, and who meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Has resided in Moldova lawfully and habitually for the last ten years; has been married to a citizen of Moldova for at least three years; or has resided lawfully and habitually for three years with parents or children (including adoptive) who are citizens of Moldova
  2. Has resided lawfully and habitually for five years before reaching the age of 18
  3. Is a stateless citizen or recognised refugee, who has been lawfully and habitually for at least 8 years

In addition they must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Knows and observes the provisions of the Moldovan constitution
  2. Knows the national language, sufficiently well to integrate into social life
  3. Loses or renounces the citizenship of another state, if possessed, except in the cases when the loss of the renunciation is not possible or cannot reasonably be requested

Dual citizenship

Moldova allows its citizens to hold foreign citizenship in addition to their Moldovan citizenship. Acquiring a foreign citizenship, therefore, does not result in the loss of Moldovan citizenship.[1] Some countries, however, do not permit multiple citizenship e.g. adults who acquired Moldovan and Japanese citizenship by birth must declare, to the latter's Ministry of Justice, before turning 22, which citizenship they want to keep.


On 28 September 2017, a new law has passed by the government allowing individuals to buy their citizenship for a fixed sum. Moldovan pro-Russian president Igor Dodon tried to bring in investments from Russia stating that "The Moldovan passport could allow them to travel in Europe freely."[2]


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