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Moorpark College
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MottoBridge to the Future
Endowment$99,410 (2011/2012) [1]
PresidentJulius O. Sokenu (interim)
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Location, ,
United States
Campus150 acres (61 ha)
ColorsBlack and Columbia blue
AthleticsWestern State

Moorpark College is a public community college in Moorpark, California. It was established in 1967 with enrollment of 2,500 students and enrolled 14,254 students in 2014.[3] An Exotic Animal Training and Management center houses over 200 animals on campus.[4][5]


The Moorpark College Jazz "A" Band, in one of the school's Auditoriums

The Board of the Ventura County Community College District established Moorpark College in 1967. In addition to the land already owned by the District, Moorpark College expanded into a 134-acre (54 ha) parcel of land on Moorpark's eastern boundary, donated by a local ranching family, the Strathearns.[6]

In 1965, the citizens of Ventura County passed a bond for 8 million dollars to build the first part of the college. Construction of the administration, science, technology, gymnasium, and Maintenance buildings, and the Library and Campus Center began in 1966.

Moorpark College officially opened on September 11, 1967. The College's first president, Dr. John Collins, welcomed almost 1,400 students and 50 faculty members.

Dr. Robert Lombardi became the College's second president in 1971. Under his direction, enrollment doubled, and the college added emphasis on preparing students to transfer to four-year schools.[6]

Dr. Ray Hearon is the longest-serving president, in office from 1974 to 1989. In 1980, the Moorpark College Foundation was formed to fund construction of an athletic stadium, amphitheater, and observatory.[7] The 6,000 seat stadium, completed in 1985, was named after Paul Griffin Jr., a major benefactor. In 1987, the Charles Temple Observatory, the only public observatory in Ventura County, and Carlsberg Amphitheater were dedicated at the college's 20th anniversary celebration.

The nearby Oxnard College solicited Moorpark's help in establishing a Camarillo Center,[8] located on California State University, Channel Islands's campus.[9]

In 2000, a high school for juniors and seniors opened on the college campus, called The High School at Moorpark College (separate from Moorpark High School, but part of the Moorpark Unified School District). The first class to graduate in 2001 numbered 25.

In 2004 and 2005, various bond projects were completed, such as a parking lot renovation and all-weather track.

For the 2007 transferring cohort of eligible students (2,252), Moorpark College transferred 130 to a 4-year accredited universities in two years, 480 in three years, and 793 and four years.[10]

Bernard Luskin was appointed interim president of Moorpark College in September, 2013.[11][12] The current president, Luis Pablo Sanchez, was appointed for a term beginning February 3, 2015.[13][14][15]

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