Moreno Valley College

Moreno Valley College
Former names
Riverside Community College - Moreno Valley Campus
TypeCommunity college
EstablishedMarch 1, 2010
PresidentRobin Steinback, Ph.D.
Location, ,
United States

33°53′14″N 117°12′11″W / 33.887232°N 117.203118°W / 33.887232; -117.203118Coordinates: 33°53′14″N 117°12′11″W / 33.887232°N 117.203118°W / 33.887232; -117.203118
ColorsTeal, black, white             
AffiliationsRiverside Community College District, California Community Colleges System

Moreno Valley College (MVC) is a community college in Moreno Valley, California. The college is part of the Riverside Community College District and the larger California Community Colleges System.


Founded in 1991, Moreno Valley College became a fully accredited community college in 2010 within the Riverside Community College District.[1]

RCCD began serving the Moreno Valley community by offering classes at March Air Force Base and Moreno Valley High School.[2] The number of courses expanded with the community's population and in October 1985 the Robert C. Warmington Company donated 112 acres for the construction of a college in Moreno Valley, later expanded by the purchase of an additional 20 acres in 1989.[3] Construction of the Moreno Valley campus, alongside the Norco College campus, began that same year. In 1991, the Moreno Valley campus officially opened when the first four buildings were completed: the Library, the Student Services Building, the Science and Technology Building, and the student center.[2]


MVC received initial accreditation on January 29, 2010 from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges which meant that MVC met the standards of an independent two-year community college.[4]

On March 1, 2010, the California Community Colleges System's Board of Governors officially recognized MVC as the 111th Community College in the state of California.[3]

MVC is now part of a multi-college district of the Riverside Community College District alongside Riverside City College and Norco College.


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