Moscovian dialect

The Moscow dialect or Moscow accent (Russian: Московское произношение, tr. Moskovskoye proiznosheniye, IPA: [mɐˈskofskəjə prəɪznɐˈʂenʲɪɪ]), sometimes Central Russian,[1] is the spoken Russian language variety used in Moscow – one of the two major pronunciation norms of the Russian language alongside the Saint Petersburg norm. Influenced by both Northern and Southern Russian dialects,[2] the Moscow dialect is the basis of the Russian literary language.[3]


The 1911 edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica wrote:[4]

Literary Russian as spoken by educated people throughout the empire is the Moscow dialect... The Moscow dialect really covers a very small area, not even the whole of the government of Moscow, but political causes have made it the language of the governing classes and hence of literature. It is a border dialect, having the southern pronunciation of unaccented o as a, but the jo for accented o before a hard consonant it is akin to the North and it has also kept the northern pronunciation of g instead of the southern h. So too unaccented e sounds like i or ji'.


Dialect понятно
I see
Moscow and Central Russia [pɐˈnʲatnə] (About this soundlisten) [ʂto] (About this soundlisten) [nʲɪtɕɪˈvo] (About this soundlisten) Unstressed /o/ becomes [ɐ] or [ə].
⟨ч⟩ is pronounced [ʂ].
Intervocalic ⟨г⟩ is pronounced [v].
The North ponjatno što ničevo
Old St. Petersburg panjatna čto ničego
The South panjatna što ničevo
Source: [1]


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