Moyon language

Moyon Naga
Native toIndia
RegionNagaland, Manipur
EthnicityMoyon Naga
Native speakers
3,700 (2001)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3nmo

Moyon is a Naga language spoken by the Moyon Naga in Manipur, India and in Burma.


Scott DeLancey (2015)[3] classifies Moyon as a "Northwest Kuki-Chin" language.

Geographical distribution

Moyon is spoken in the following locations (Ethnologue).

  • Chandel district, Manipur: 14 villages including Moyon Khullen, Khongjom, Mitong, Komlathabi, Penaching, and Heigru Tampak
  • Nagaland (near the Myanmar border)


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