Mr. Crewe's Career

Mr. Crewe's Career
Mr. Crewe's Career Ad June 7 1908.JPG
Advertisement for Mr. Crewe's Career in the New York Tribune
AuthorWinston Churchill
CountryUnited States
Publication date
May 1908
Media typePrint (hardcover)
Pages498 pp

Mr. Crewe's Career is a 1908 best-selling novel by American writer Winston Churchill.

The novel tells the story of a railroad lobby's attempts to control the New Hampshire state government using all possible tactics. Churchill's prior novel Coniston was also a political novel, and the successor draws from Churchill's own unsuccessful run for Governor of New Hampshire in 1906.[1]

Though the book was perhaps not as praised as Coniston, it was generally well-received and popular.[2][3][4] It was the best-selling novel in the United States in 1908. Playwright Marion Fairfax also adapted the novel into a play which opened in New Haven, Connecticut in December 1908.[5]


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