NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence

NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence
Active2015 (established)
2015 (fully accredited)
AllegianceNATO NATO
TypeMountain Infantry
Ski warfare
RoleMilitary education
Part ofSlovenia Doctrine, Development, Educational and Training Command
NATO Allied Command Transformation
WebsiteOfficial Webpage
Italian Alpini from the 7th Alpini Regiment during an exercise

NATO Mountain Warfare Centre of Excellence (NATO MW CoE) is one of NATO Centres of Excellence, located in Poljče, 27, 4275, Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia. It is assist NATO member countries, partners, other countries and international organizations, in order to enhance mountain warfare capabilities.[1][2][3]

MW CoE was fully accredited in 2015.[4] MW CoE activities with NATO are coordinated through HQ Allied Command Transformation. The structure of MW CoE has four branches:[1]

  • Doctrine and standardization branch;
  • Training and education branch;
  • Support branch;
  • Concept development, experimentation and lessons learned branch.

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