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NA Hussein Dey
NA Hussein-Dey (logo).png
Full nameNasr Athlétique de Hussein Dey
Sang et Or (Blood and Gold)
Founded15 June 1947; 73 years ago (1947-06-15)
as Nasr Athlétique d'Hussein Dey
GroundStade du 20 Août 1955
Algiers, Algeria
PresidentMahfoud Ould Zmirli
Head CoachFouad Bouali[1]
LeagueLigue Professionnelle 1
2018–19Ligue Professionnelle 1,11th
Current season

Nasr Athlétique de Hussein Dey (Arabic: نصر حسين داي‎), known as NA Hussein Dey or NAHD for short, is an Algerian football club based in Hussein Dey, Algiers. The club was founded in 1947 and its colours are red and yellow. Their home stadium, Stade du 20 Août 1955, has a capacity of 10,000 spectators. The club is currently playing in the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1.


The 15 June 1947 to Leveilley coffee Kaddour (now Maqaria), 180 members met to decide on the merger of three clubs of Hussein Dey: Nedjma Sports Hussein Dey, the Ideal Club Cooler and Esperance Sportive de Leveilley The athletic Nasr Hussein Dey was born.

The Nasria is a club that was blessed at the time by the Sheikh Larbi Tbessi. A club that has been active during the war of liberation, and had its share of suffering, pain and of course, its share of martyrs, who responded to the call for 1956/1957 for stop sports clubs Algerians, the NAHD ceased all activity and did not resume until after the country's independence in 1962. Champion Algiers in 1963, he won his only championship of Algeria in 1967.

In 35 years of presence at the highest level of national football, NAHD is mounted on the podium ten times in the league and won an Algerian Cup in 1979. The team also played a final of the African Cup Winners' Cup the same year.

The Nasria is known for its training policy advocated by renowned coaches: Fez René Vernier Reynolds Ammar Boudissa and Jean Snella. This policy was responsible for the emergence of a generation of exceptional players who formed the backbone of the Algerian team in the Spanish World in 1982.

Among the iconic players of the club we quote Defnoun Abdelkader Ouchen Bouyahi Youcef Khedis Merzekane Fergani El Hocine Aït Lazazi Alliche.

Halliche with NAHD

Special mention to Madjer who had the chance to play abroad and that made a world career with the FC Porto especially. Not to mention Mahmoud Guendouz which is the Algerian player who has the most significant playing time in final phase of World Cup (540 min). The season 2008, the NAHD became the first Algerian club to move a player to a club in Europe: center-back Rafik Halliche in this case, recruited by Benfica. Halliche will break the record Guendouz by playing seven matches (700 minutes) of the team of Algeria in the last two editions of the World Cup (2010 and 2014).

Nahdiste The school has trained a galaxy of talented players such as Zarabi Guenoun Bouchefra and many others. But the club's training policy also has perverse effects. Every year, the club does not have a large budget, is bled of its best features. The last three years, we could consider that the workforce is redesigned each "transfer window" or each semester.

Finally we will finish by quoting the presidents that marked the club's history: Benyoucef Bensiam Slimane Hoffman.



Domestic competitions

Champion (1): 1966–67
Runner-up (5): 1963–64, 1972–73, 1975–76, 1981–82, 1992–93
Winner (1): 1978–79
Runner-up (4): 1967–68, 1976–77, 1981–82, 2015–16

Regional competitions

Runner-up (1): 1978

Performance in CAF competitions

2006 – Intermediate Round
2018–19 – In progress
1978 – Finalist
1980 – Semi-finals
1994 – Second Round

Current squad

Updated 22 January 2020.[2] Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Algeria GK Imad Benchlef
3 Algeria DF Billel Amrani
4 Algeria DF Imadeddine Azzi
5 Algeria DF El Hosseyn Zatout
6 Algeria MF Laid Ouaji
8 Algeria FW Lyes Doucene
9 Algeria MF Ilyes Sidhoum
10 Algeria MF Faouzi Yaya
11 Algeria FW Abdelkader Moulay Abdelaziz
13 Algeria MF Nabil Bousmaha
14 Mauritania MF Mohamed Dellahi Yali
15 Algeria DF Sabri Boumaiza
16 Algeria GK Mohamed Seddik Mokrani (captain)
No. Position Player
17 Algeria FW Mohamed Zakaria Habchi
19 Libya MF Moayed Al Gritli
20 Algeria DF Sofiane Khadir
21 Algeria MF Mohamed Ali Chihati
22 Algeria MF Nabil Aït Ferguene
23 Algeria MF Mounir Ait El Hadi
25 Algeria DF Kamel Ferraz
26 Algeria DF Chamseddine Nerier
27 Algeria DF Sofiane Baouali
28 Algeria DF Sabri Cheraitia (on loan from Paradou AC)
29 Algeria FW Mohamed Amine Djermouni
30 Algeria GK Chahereddine Chaouche

Notable players

Below are the notable former players who have represented NA Hussein Dey in league and international competition since the club's foundation in 1947. To appear in the section below, a player must have played in at least 100 official matches for the club or represented the national team for which the player is eligible during his stint with NA Hussein Dey or following his departure.

For a complete list of NA Hussein Dey players, see Category:NA Hussein Dey players


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