NCAA Basketball Tournament Most Outstanding Player

At the conclusion of the NCAA men's and women's Division I basketball championships (the "Final Four" tournaments), the Associated Press selects a Most Outstanding Player. The MOP usually is awarded to a member of the Championship team. There have been 12 instances where the winner was not on the championship team. The last man to win the award despite not being on the Championship team was Akeem Olajuwon (Now known as Hakeem Olajuwon, Houston) in 1983. Dawn Staley (Virginia) was the only woman to do so, when she won the award in 1991.

Past winners

An asterisk (*) next to a player's name indicates they did not play for the championship team.

NCAA Men's Division I MOP Award

†Originally awarded to Howard Porter from Villanova, who was not on the championship team; however, he was later ruled ineligible which resulted in the award being vacated

±The NCAA canceled all winter and spring championships due to the coronavirus pandemic

^ Louisville vacated their 2013 National Championship due to improper benefits. As part of a lawsuit settlement, Hancock - who was not involved in the scandal - had his Most Outstanding Player award restored.

NCAA Women's Division I MOP Award

±The NCAA canceled all winter and spring championships due to the coronavirus pandemic

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