NOW Platform DA and PAS

NOW Platform DA and PAS

ACUM Platforma DA și PAS
PresidentAndrei Năstase (PPDA)
Maia Sandu (PAS)
Founded16 December 2018
Preceded byDignity and Truth Platform Party
Party of Action and Solidarity
Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova
National Unity Party
Liberal democracy
Romania-Moldova unionism
Political positionCentre to centre-right
ColoursYellow, black, maroon
26 / 101

NOW Platform DA and PAS, also known as ACUM, is a liberal-populist political alliance in the Republic of Moldova between two pro-European, anti-oligarchic parties, Party of Action and Solidarity and Dignity and Truth Platform Party formed with the aim of joint participation in the 2019 Moldovan parliamentary election.


Since 2016 the idea of strengthening pro-European and anti-oligarchic forces has been circulated, and in 2017 opposition parties PAS and the DA Platform announced that they would form a common platform for the 2019 Moldovan parliamentary election.[1][2] The strengthening of opposition forces also reflected in the designation of a joint candidate from the PAS and the DA platform for 2016 Moldovan presidential election and for the 2018 Chișinău mayoral election. Following the invalidity of the mayor's election, won by the joint candidate Andrei Năstase, the PAS, DA Platform Party, and LDPM announced the creation of the National Resistance Movement "Now".[3]

On 16 December 2018 the PAS and the DA Platform, Maia Sandu and Andrei Năstase, signed the agreement establishing ACUM for the parliamentary elections of 24 February 2019, and on 21 December 2018 the bloc was registered by the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Moldova.[4][5] The Liberal Democratic Party then joined the bloc "NOW DA/PAS", and some representatives of the PLDM found themselves in the list of the bloc's candidates on the national constituencies, and others will run from the bloc in some uninominal districts. In turn, the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova and the National Unity Party declared unconditional support for ACUM.[6][7][8]

The bloc was de facto dissolved in November 2019 after PAS unilaterally terminated the agreement.[9]


According to its founding agreement, the electoral bloc "NOW Platform DA and PAS" is headed by the Political Council consisting of 8 members, of which:

  1. 2 co-presidents of the Political Council – Maia Sandu and Andrei Năstase; The co-Chairpersons of the Political Council are also co-Chairpersons of the electoral bloc;
  2. 6 members of the Political Council – Liliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei, Igor Grosu, Mihai Popșoi, Alexandru Slusari, Inga Grigoriu, Cyril Moțpan.

Legislative elections

Year Alliance Votes % Seats +/− Government
2019 PPDA+PAS 380,181 26.84
26 / 101
Increase 26 ACUM-PSRM (Jun–Nov 2019)
Opposition (since Nov 2019)


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