Napa County Courthouse Plaza

Napa County Courthouse Plaza
Napa County Courthouse Plaza, Napa, CA 9-5-2010 3-01-28 PM.JPG
The Hall of Records, with the courthouse in the background
Napa County Courthouse Plaza is located in California
Napa County Courthouse Plaza
Napa County Courthouse Plaza is located in the United States
Napa County Courthouse Plaza
LocationBounded by Coombs, Second, Brown and Third Sts., Napa, California
Coordinates38°17′51″N 122°17′4″W / 38.29750°N 122.28444°W / 38.29750; -122.28444Coordinates: 38°17′51″N 122°17′4″W / 38.29750°N 122.28444°W / 38.29750; -122.28444
Area1.3 acres (0.53 ha)
Built1878 (courthouse), 1916 (Hall of Records)
ArchitectWilliam H. Corlett (Hall of Records)
Architectural styleRenaissance, High Victorian Italianate (courthouse)
NRHP reference #92000778[1]
Added to NRHPJune 18, 1992

The Napa County Courthouse Plaza is a complex in Napa, California, which consists of the Napa County Courthouse and the Hall of Records. The two buildings occupy an entire city block, which includes open areas and landscaping to create the site's plaza setting. The High Victorian Italianate courthouse was built in 1878 to replace the original 1856 courthouse. The courthouse continues to serve as the seat of Napa County government. The 1916 Hall of Records is a federally sponsored records building designed by William H. Corlett. The Renaissance Revival building represents an early use of reinforced concrete as a building material; the material became popular nationwide in the 1920s.[2]

The plaza was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 18, 1992.[1]

2014 earthquake damage to the 1878 courthouse building

The courthouse was damaged by the 2014 South Napa earthquake.[3] A $11.6M contract for restoration of the courthouse was awarded by Napa County in August 2017. [4]


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