Napa Valley College

Coordinates: 38°16′29″N 122°16′32″W / 38.27472°N 122.27556°W / 38.27472; -122.27556[1]

Napa Valley College
TypePublic community college
PresidentDr. Ronald Kraft
Location, ,
United States
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Napa Valley College, formerly known as Napa Junior College and Napa Community College, is a public community college in Napa Valley, California. It is one of California's 113 community colleges. The tree-lined main campus in Napa, California sits on 160 acres overlooking the Napa River and includes a Performing Arts Center, a Child Development Center, a Business Development Center and the Napa Valley Vintners Teaching Winery. An Upper Valley Campus in St. Helena includes the Napa Valley Cooking School, training aspiring chefs. In 2014–2015, the total enrollment was about 8,559.

The college was founded in 1942 after voters in Napa County passed a bond initiative in 1941. From 1942 to 1964, it operated as a four-year junior college, incorporating grades 11 through 14.[3] The original campus was located on the same property as Napa High School. The College was later moved to its current location in 1965 when a campus was established on surplus state property which originally was part of land belonging to Napa State Hospital.[4]

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