National Assembly (Communist Czechoslovakia)

National Assembly of the
Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

Národní shromáždění ČSSR  (Czech)
Národné zhromaždenie ČSSR  (Slovak)
Legislative body in Czechoslovakia
Coat of arms or logo
Preceded byConstituent National Assembly
Succeeded byFederal Assembly
Seats300 members (1948–1954)
368 members (1954–1960)
300 members (1960–1969)
Direct non-competitive elections (1948–1969)
Last election
14 June 1964
Meeting place
Budova Pražské burzy s před 48.jpg
National Assembly, Prague

The National Assembly (Czech: Národní shromáždění, Slovak: Národné zhromaždenie) was the unicameral parliament of Communist Czechoslovakia from 1948 until the federalization of Czechoslovakia in 1969, replaced by the Federal Assembly. It was Czechoslovakia's highest legislative institution.[1][2]

Name Changes

Name Native name Year
National Assembly of
the Czechoslovak Republic
(Czech: Národní shromáždění republiky Československé)
(Slovak: Národné zhromaždenie republiky Československej)
National Assembly of
the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic
(Czech: Národní shromáždění Československé socialistické republiky)
(Slovak: Národné zhromaždenie Československej socialistickej republiky)

Presidents of the National Assembly

Name Entered office Left office
Oldřich John 10 June 1948 15 October 1953
Zdeněk Fierlinger 15 October 1953 23 June 1964
Bohuslav Laštovička 23 June 1964 18 April 1968
Josef Smrkovský 18 April 1968 29 January 1969


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