National Assembly (Panama)

National Assembly of the Republic of Panama

Asamblea Nacional de la República de Panamá
Logo de la Asamblea Nacional de Panamá.svg
Marcos Castillero, Circuit 6-3 (PRD)
since 1 July 2019
First vice president
Cenobia Vargas, Circuit 8-10 (PRD)
since 1 July 2020
Second vice president
Tito Rodríguez, Circuit 8-9 (MOLIRENA)
since 1 July 2019
Seats71 members
AN Panama 2019 election.svg
Political groups
Government (40)
  • Democratic Revolutionary Party (35)
  • Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement (5)

Opposition (26)

Independent bloc (5)

Length of term
5 years[2]
first past the post method in outlying rural districts and Party-list proportional representation in cities.
Last election
May 5, 2019
Next election
May 5, 2024
Meeting place
Asamblea Nacional de Diputados.jpg
Justo Arosemena Palace, Panama City

The National Assembly of Panama (Spanish: Asamblea Nacional de Panamá), formerly the Legislative Assembly of Panama (Asamblea Legislativa de Panamá), is the legislative branch of the government of the Republic of Panama.

It is a unicameral legislature, currently made up of 71 members, who serve five-year terms. Legislators from outlying rural districts are chosen by a first past the post method, while districts located in more populous towns and cities elect multiple legislators by means of a proportion-based formula. Panama's legislative elections are held simultaneous with its presidential and local elections.

Panama also returns a delegation of 20 deputies to the supranational Central American Parliament.

Latest election

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Democratic Revolutionary Party 542,105 29.99 35 +9
Democratic Change 405,798 22.45 18 –6
Panameñista Party 312,635 17.30 8 –8
Nationalist Republican Liberal Movement 92,340 5.11 5 +3
People's Party 65,028 3.60 0 –1
Alliance Party 43,670 2.42 0 –1
Broad Front for Democracy 22,711 1.26 0 0
Independents 323,153 17.88 5 +4
Invalid/blank votes 142,663
Total 1,950,103 100 71 0
Registered voters/turnout
Source: Election Tribunal, psephos

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